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Install Backblaze Silently from the Command Line

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Disclaimer: This is an old post. Content may be out of date.

You can install Backblaze silently from the command line by running the bzinstall_mate utility within the Backblaze Installer.app.

Prerequisite Steps:

Command to Execute on Each Mac:

/Volumes/Backblaze\ Installer/Backblaze\ Installer.app/Contents/MacOS/bzinstall_mate -nogui -createaccount <user@corp.com> <password> <groupID> <groupToken>

The none value can be passed in for the password parameter, so an automatically generated password will be used and the user can request a password reset on the Backblaze website, e.g.,

/Volumes/Backblaze\ Installer/Backblaze\ Installer.app/Contents/MacOS/bzinstall_mate -nogui -createaccount jsmith@acme.com none 19347619 974g9q7gtq9tgq0gg

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Originally published on by Lucas Cantor