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Remotely Restart an Encrypted Mac

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Disclaimer: This is an old post. Content may be out of date.

The fdesetup utility can be used to remotely restart a Mac without needing physical in-person keyboard access to unlock FileVault on the next boot only:

fdesetup authrestart

You will be prompted for the password of a FileVault-enabled user account, or the FileVault recovery key.

After restarting, macOS will allow remote access via SSH immediately, without the usual need to unlock FileVault by logging in as a FileVault-enabled user sitting in front of the Mac in question. This is particularly useful for headless Mac mini servers, so you don’t need to connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse every single time they restart due to a software update, for example.

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Bonus - you can do this on Windows as well, with PowerShell:

PowerShell -Command "Suspend-BitLocker -MountPoint "C:" -RebootCount 1"
shutdown /r /f

Gist on GitHub

Originally published on by Lucas Cantor